Cllr John Salter takes a key role in bringing new industry to Wirral “Echo” reports.

In a huge new investment McTay Marine are set to clinch orders to build patrol vessels suitable for naval and coastguard operations across the world.

John is reported in the “Echo” to have played a key role in securing the latest order for coastal patrol vessels for Pakistan saying: “Ultimately my job is to help attract jobs to the area and while the number is small at the moment I’m confident this is going to expand much more.”

Today’s “Echo” reports that Cllr John Salter has taken a key role helping to secure a recent order – Page 27.

This is for vessels equipped with lightweight jet engines – making them the fastest of their kind in the world and will provide a dozen or more new well paid jobs.

The firm is also developing a multi-purpose modern “tug” that also looks set to be a world class venture.

These boats are designed by “Alcutaz” – soon to move to its new home in Wirral Waters later this month.  The firm is in discussions with the coastguard authorities of many countries including the navies of Saudi Arabia, Ghana and Sri-Lanka.

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