Are the wheels falling off the collaboration?

23rd December 2010

To many of us the idea of journalists turning up at any politician’s surgeries, to catch them out under the pretence of being constituents with genuine concerns of their own, will seem pretty far below the belt. 

But are we learning anything new?  Wasn’t it pretty obvious that whatever public front they were putting on it the plain fact is that the Liberals couldn’t just change their spots in the way they tried to do.  And do people truly think the Liberals here on Wirral are any happier with their role as juniors in a Tory-led regime than their national colleagues are?  The official line from Nick Clegg is that in coalition you have to compromise.  But when you compromise as far as they have, both nationally and here on Wirral, will the voting public will say something fundamental is just too far amiss?

For those with the stomach for it the BBC has put together a number of examples of that publicly rarely mentioned policy gulf between the Liberals and the Tories that has been highlighted by these journalists’ rather unsavoury traps.

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