“Backdoor privatisation” of a NHS ward at Clatterbridge?

Cllr Chris Jones, who has been a NHS nurse for forty years, including at Clatterbridge, says only a LABOUR GOVERNMENT will stop the rot that is causing such NHS funding shortages that private firms can exploit the vacuum.
This hospital was designed as a part of a National Health Service that has been the envy of the world. But in an unexpected move private health care firm ‘Four Seasons’ appears to be set to take over a 30 bed NHS ward with a two year contract at Clatterbridge Hospital. As we go to print we are given to understand that the private-profit care firm will provide its own staff in this publicly owned NHS asset. Chris said:
“I’m asking how the decision was made and in what way will it be subject to any public accountability?
This looks to me rather like back-door privatisation!”

If this is being done as a cost saving private enterprise it begs the question ‘why doesn’t the Conservative government put enough funding into the NHS in the first place?’ Why put public money into the bank balances of private firms instead of investing it in the training of more NHS staff?”

I think there’s little doubt that this will cause uproar across Wirral. I hope every political party will want to support us in opposing this move away from the NHS. But will they? The Tories and LibDems often claim to be NHS supporters – yet wasn’t it the Cameron/Clegg collaboration government that set in train the policies of austerity that have done so much damage to the poorest families in Wirral and beyond? Here’s a chance for them to have the courage to tell the May government, that carries on their savage funding cuts to Wirral (whilst claiming that ‘austerity is over’) that the people will be very angry indeed to see NHS wards used in this way.

I have not yet had time to speak to them but I have no doubt that all Wirral MPs, and all Wirral Labour councillors will be as angry as I am about this.

STOP PRESS We will be surprised if this isn’t going to hit the news papers very soon.

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