MPs’ expenses – gaffe costs Tory Toff Duncan his Shadow Cabinet job

Asked why people would no longer want to become MPs, Mr Duncan said: “…… you have to live on rations and are treated like s***.”

Many MPs could earn more in other jobs – and for fewer hours.  But how many Seacombe residents, we wonder, (most of whom exist on a mere fraction of the income Mr Duncan grumbles about) would agree with Tories like him that somebody on an MP’s salary plus expenses is being treated like er …. the ‘substance’ …. the Tory Toff alluded to? 

But isn’t this characteristic of a Tory Party that has always represented the interests of financiers, bankers, and industrialists?

Tory leader David Cameron has now appointed former Thatcher government Minister, Sir George Young, as shadow leader of the Commons.  He replaces Alan Duncan, who was demoted on Monday after his catastrophic gaffe quoted above.

Duncan’s downfall seemed inevitable after he complained MPs were being kept on “rations” following the scandal earlier this year when their claims were leaked.  One even claimed for the moat around his house and another for a floating ‘duck island’ on his pond!  


That Tory attitude contrasts vividly with Wallasey’s Labour MP Angela Eagle’s. 

Angela’s claims are among the lowest recorded by MPs of any Party.

And there are no moats or duck-ponds around Angela’s flat!


So many MPs around Tory leader Cameron are young, or inexperienced, that it is even thought by some that he was perhaps glad of the opportunity to have somebody with him who’d had some experience.  But what sort of experience was it? 

There’s no patriotism when it comes to making a profit for the financiers, bankers, and industrialists the Tories represent.  Under Thatcher and Major we experienced the export of British capital and British jobs to low wage economies, the decline of our ship building industry, the virtual end of British motor manufacturing, closure of British coal mines, closure of our iron and steel-works, foriegn ownership of much of our remaining industry, crumbling schools and hospitals, and millions unemployed. 

And while this was happening our economy sailed to the mirage of prosperity on a sea of debt that made financiers and bankers rich with millionaire salaries. 

When Labour took over, our productive industry (as distinct from service ‘industries’ like banking that don’t produce a tangible, useful, product but certainly shuffle money around for huge ‘bonuses’) had been dramatically run down during years of Tory governments.  The real, tangible, industrial base has to be painstakingly re-built.  But what can be destroyed in just a few years takes decades to re-build. 

And how did it affect Seacombe?  During the economic collapse of the Thatcher years the once great great Cammel Laird ship-yard was run into ruin.   Many hundreds of Seacombe breadwinners lost their jobs and dependent service industries lost out with the knock-on effect – and unemployment blighted our locality for a generation.

Duncan’s replacement, Young, served as a Minister under both Mrs Thatcher and John Major.  Who would want that sort of nightmare Tory government to return?

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