Motorway Bridge hazard


IMG_0863The ‘Sherlock’ bridge seen in the photograph has been the IMG_0865scene of tragedies. 

John is determined to see measures taken to prevent them in future.

However the bridge has also provided a platform for vandals to throw heavy objects at traffice passing below.  John raised the question of having the bridge completely enclosed both so that nobody could jump off it and so that it cannot be used to throw missiles at vehicles passing below.  

Initially his request was not accepted, but John’s not a man to take ‘no’ for an answer and it has now been referred back to Merseytravel, who are its custodians.  We hope they will take responsibility for the safety and fencing. 

John comments:

“This is not a matter for casual consideration; lives could depend on the decisions made.  We hope they will be the right ones.”

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