Angela opens new wing at Oldershaw


Angela & Adrian - 091009 - OldershawFollowing the best exam results for years Oldershaw pupils are achieving at a remarkable level. 

This good news added greatly to MP Angela Eagle’s pleasure when she opened the new wing at 3.00 pm today with a fine speech in which she congratulated Head Teacher Steve Peach and his staff, but most of all the pupils for their achievements.

Adrian and John attended as did councillors from other parties together with Deputy Mayor Alan Jennings.  Adrian is seen here with Angela shortly after her speech.  This is the only photograph we have of the event, but we hope more will reach us and if so we will put them on – in particular we would like to show the one of Angela cutting the ribbon in the formal opening ceremony. 

Whilst waiting for the event to begin guests were treated to some delightful choral and solo singing by young musicians – a great tribute to the excellence the school is achieving.

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