Dog ownership in our locality.


Today, Saturday, John and Adrian were out delivering information leaflets and knocking on doors. 

Dog's foot bitten offSeveral people commented on our recent website article – drawing attention to the need for responsible dog ownership and for owners to clean up after their pets.  

Adrian has been asked to draw attention to a couple of ill trained dogs whose owners habitually allow them to roam completely out of control and attack other dogs in our parks; the police CSOs are keeping a cafeful watch for incidents of this sort.  If a dog’s not trained, it’s the owner not the dog who should know better.

This picture shows the dreadful injuries inflicted by an ill trained bull terrier (on Egremont Promenade) whose owner could not control it.  It had bitten half of this tiny Yorkie’s foot off while its lady owner bravely struggled to protect it.  Her hand was bitten, too, before the attacking dog could be restrained. 

That dog should never have been so badly kept that it had become aggressive – but it was its owner who was to blame for its behaviour.

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