Double yellow lines: do we need so many?


Parking problems in Hampstead Road have been a running sore for some years.  When the decriminalisation of parking, and the consequential requirement for effective local authority enforcement was introduced many of our residents feared that the reasonably relaxed approached hitherto adopted by the police would in future be replaced by an excessively robust approach.  Adrian conveyed this concern to Council  on behalf of residents in Hampstead Road and Parkside, in particular.   

Residents argued that although in years gone by vehicles of many sorts, including buses, used the road that was no longer the case.  Their width and frequency of passage would clearly have necessitated double yellow lines to ensure the free flow of traffic.  However, buses no longer use the route and residents feel that there is no longer the original justification for the yellow lines.

More recently a concerned resident approached Adrian about the renewed lack of parking in Hampstead Road as a result of double yellow lines being extended far beyond what is necessary.   At one point there was even an apparent contradiction where a disabled parking bay and double yellow lines occupied the same stretch of road!  

Adrian took this up with the Streetscene Manager, who couldn’t have been more helpful, and today the lines were painted over, for some length, in black.     This will provide valuable additional parking space for residents.

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