Clarendon Road trees – further update.


Originally reported on 21st September, 2009,  we are delighted to update that report.  The new work has started and is well advanced.  Yesterday Adrian met one of the leading members of the residents’ panel we helped to establish to work closely with ‘Street Scene’; she was able to relate how well the initiative has progressed.  At a time when the felling of trees has had some bad press this is an example of ‘People Power’ facilitated by your local Labour Councillors producing excellent local results.  For those new readers who may have missed the earlier report it is shown below.

21st September report.  There’s been a lot of bad publicity lately, in some quarters, about the loss of trees elsewhere in the borough.  Well, this ‘good news story’ just shows that when residents and councillors work together with our professional officers the results can be very pleasing indeed.  And while we are reporting lets give the thumbs up to David and Wayne of Amenity Tree Care (photo below, with Adrian) who were doing a highly professional job, using the correct safety equipment.













On 17th August we reported, here, that the original decision to cut down all of the trees in Clarendon Road had been reversed.  Council Officers met residents together with me, and Cllr John Salter, and the outcome was that instead of removing the remaining trees, as originally planned, there would instead be additional planting not just to replace those that are damaged or diseased but with extra trees as well to restore the original tree lined plan for the road. IMG_0835

We were certainly off to a busy start this morning! 

A resident (Brian, seen in the picture – with a protective arm around the tree outside his home at no 10) called early to tell me that the Council’s contractors were already on site to begin the process of removing the diseased trees. 

Not being a man to take chances, Brian asked me to phone to make sure that his beloved tree was not to be felled.  Many thanks to the secretarial staff in David Green’s Department for quick phone calls to provide the assurances needed.  Thanks also to Street Scene Manager, Mr Chris Jones, for attending in person to check that everything was going to plan.

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