Dangerous dogs. A personal view from Cllr Adrian Jones.

4th December 2009.

Details of the latest tragedy involving dogs, in Liverpool, are reported in the links below.

Merseyside Police vow to take robust action against the growing menace of owners and their “status “dogs across Merseyside.   Police are warning they will take action following the tragic death of John Paul Massey.

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Adrian's English Springer takes an interest.

Adrian's English Springer takes an interest.

A matter raised frequently by residents attending my surgeries is their fear of dogs.  There is particuar concern among parents who fear some of the dogs they meet when taking small children to our parks.  But there are also concerns among the owners of well trained dogs when their pets are harrassed by untrained muts whose owners seem not to care a jot.  I have raised this with our local PCSOs and Police.

In recent weeks there has already been quite some correspondence in the press about dogs and their owners. Does the argument concentrate rather too simplistically on whether ‘bad dogs’ or ‘bad owners’ are the problem?  This seems to be the mantra when anything from savage attacks to mucky pavements is on the agenda.  But are too many people making too many excuses?  Some correspondents seem to be ‘dog experts’ but isn’t it really a matter for common sense?

The plain fact is that dogs, like humans, can misbehave.  If a toy poodle has a ‘bad hair day’ it might savage your shoe-laces; if a 6 or even 8 stone so called ‘working dog’ standing 30″ at the shoulders becomes aggressive it’s a different matter entirely.   
Not so long ago an Egremont resident living near the Town Hall took her tiny Yorkshire Terrier onto the promenade, only to be attacked by what she believes was a bull terrier.   She scooped her tiny pet up and held it as high as she could while the attacking dog tore at them both.  Her hand was savaged and her Yorkie had half of its foot torn off before she could get away.  She was incredibly courageous while the owner of the ‘attack dog’ made no attempt to control it.  He was never caught and there is speculation that he was enjoying some kind of sick sport.  In another appalling case a tiny Chihuahua was killed, still on its lead, by a huge dog while its terrified lady owner was helpless to defend it.

Adrian & John will be raising the need to greatly strengthen the Dangerous Dogs legislation.

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