‘Rotten eggs’ stink replaces ‘fishy smell’

5th December 2009

Adrian reports

Tate Triangle residents have once more been faced with a dreadful stink in the air around them. 
Earlier today, Saturday 5th December, I received a number of phone calls asking me to visit the area asap.  I was cooking the children’s breakfast at the time so it was almost an hour before I could go to Limekiln Lane – but when I arrived the distinct smell of something resembling a badly neglected hen house still lingered strongly.   There was quite a breeze blowing so whatever the source it wasn’t far away.

This was unlike the familiar ‘fishy’ Tall Oil odours widely asociated withTate & Lyle – and to their immense credit they have now installed filters to minimise effects.  So we must assume that this new ghastly pong is from some other substance, of as yet unknown provenance. 

We must trace the source and eradicate it.

We must trace the source and eradicate it.

But residents on the war-path’ are now insisting that one way or another the sources of all such smells must be traced and eradicated once and for all. 

Hot on the heels of the last petition to Council another is in preparation.

Watch this space.

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