Liscard Hall

8th December 2009

Any hopes of having Liscard Hall as the location for a new Seacombe/Liscard Super Centre for library and related services was in effect removed from the agenda today. 

Seacombe library will in any case remain on its present site for the indefinite future.  But there will be many who view the loss of another great opportunity with reservations.  The Wallasey Tories always argued against the replacement of the existing library, by a new vastly improved Super-Centre, as though it was only a matter of closure with nothing to replace it.   That was simply not true – but when did the Wallasey Tories ever let the whole story get in the way of publishing misleading propaganda?

Adrian argued that we should keep the existing library – and Guinea Gap Baths – until new, more modern, facilities were first built to replace them

Labour Cllr Adrian Jones

Labour Cllr Adrian Jones

Adrian’s case for Guinea Gap was heard and the facilities were retained.  His was not the only voice calling for the retention of Guinea Gap Baths but while the Tories conducted a raucous propaganda campaign Adrian put a reasoned case, arguing Seacombe’s corner in writing; and his defence of the Guinea Gap Baths, and Seacombe Library, facilities is a matter of record.    

Tory defector Denis Knowles

Tory defector Denis Knowles

So why is it that in sharp contrast Denis Knowles, who now claims (retrospectively) to have been soul searching about it at the time, lifted not a finger to argue a similar case for Seacombe?  If his claim that he was ‘soul searching’ is true why did he busy himself declaring publicly in the press that their immediate closure would be ‘For the greater good’?

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