Resounding Wallasey victory for Labour’s Angela Eagle

7th May 2010 – 5.00am 

Following yesterday’s general election contest, culminating in the Wallasey Town Hall count at about 4.30 this morning, Labour’s Angela Eagle emerged the victor with an excellent majority exceeding 8,000 votes.   

The vast resources funding the local Tories’ electoral machine, with its never ending glossy publications, could not match Labour’s honest campaigning and relentless exposure of Tory propaganda.   

Never short of a little excess of self confidence the Tories were devastated by the extent of Labour’s victory. 

We will continue the report when the Council election results are also available later today.

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  1. Well done, Angela!

    Thankyou for keeping Wallasey in Labour hands wth a very safe majority. You helped my sister a lot last year and we are very grateful.

    All the best!

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