Robin Hoods in reverse? Making hard working families, the poor, the disabled, the sick,& low paid workers, pay for the bankers’ debts to each other through their stock exchange gambling and financial rip-offs?


With 14 or so millionaires in his cabinet is it any surprise that Cameron’s Tory Government, propped up by its Liberal crutch, is now taking from the poor to ensure the rich stay that way?  It’s particularly interesting to observe the clever language being used in the subtle propaganda campaign.

‘We are all in this together’  –  ‘We must all share the burden’  –  ‘Hard but fair’  – and so on and so forth.  But when we look at the huge international debt what does it consist of? 

Is it your debt?  Is it my debt?

Isn’t it the Bankers’ debt?  And doesn’t it consist of entries in ledgers as distinct from debts of real money? 

The Tories have always been ideologically antagonistic to any sort of real benefit for working people for the very simple reason that all things are paid for from the surpluses of industry.   If a high proportion of the surplus goes to providing health care, pensions, good schooling, decent leisure facilities, and good living standards for the workers in society who produce the wealth then the portion of the surplus left for the bankers, the industrialists, and the other profit makers is that much lower. 

So when all the dross is cut away isn’t that what the Tory/Liberal alliance is now about?

And where do Wirral’s Liberals stand in this mess?  Incredibly, they have chosen to prop up the Wirral Tories.  And Wirral Tories, when they are not fantasising about being Cuban Marxists***  are preparing themselves to carry out the assault on Wirral services and jobs demanded by the Con-Dem national coalition government.

It can’t last can it?  We await with interest the first breaks from within the Liberal wing of the Wirral Collaboration.  When those Wirral Liberals who see their chances of ever being re-elected fading rapidly away will they want to see it through with the Tories they have always thought of as their most absolute enemies?  Interesting times? 

*** Truth is stranger than fiction – but regular readers of these pages know all about that.  Newer readers, please check our ‘older entries’ for regular reports from one Wallasey Tory about how his partyh are inspired by Fidel Castro’s and Che Guevara’s  revolution.   You really couldn’t make it up – but there it is!

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