Cllr John Salter exposes Love Lane Allotments abuse

11th July 2010 – updated report 

Since our report, below, John has received confirmation from Street Scene that the appalling mess left by inconsiderate dog owners – including the huge quantity seemingly dumped by a single dog owner – will be cleaned up early this coming week, hopefully on Monday or Tuesday.  Meanwhile John is pushing for an additional bin to be put in place so that children attending the newly rebuilt school, and young mums with toddlers, will not have to pass the   stinking mess each day.  Not that the absence of a bin can ever be an excuse for this sort of behaviour – and we emphasise that it is not more than one or two people who are doing it.  The vast majority of dog owners have been using the bins in the park or taking it away with them for disposal. 

Original report – 1st July 2010 

Seacombe Labour Cllr John Salter

Angry allotment holders are being supported by Cllr John Salter over the abuse of its perimeter fence and hedging – and the lane from nearby Central Park to the new school building.  The lane is a popular, heavily used, short cut for young mums with children and push chairs.  They, like the Allotment Holders, are disgusted by the huge amounts of dog poo being thrown on the footpath by just a tiny minority of dog owners who give the responsible owners a bad name.  

Some selfish culprits even throw it over the wall into a hideous stinking heap with masses of flies ever present.  Others adorn the hedges with it by dangling their used bags of dog mess as they are too selfish to dispose of it hygenically but just leave it to offend all who use the footpath. 

This filthy pile of dozens of bags of poo has seemingly been thrown over the newly repaired wall by just one offender judging by the similarity of the bags. The culprit should be easy to trace if the Lane is watched.


John said:  ‘I am taking this up with the Council and I am referring it to the Police and the ASBO Team.  The people doing this may think it’s smart but do they realise just how heavily they can be fined?  I realise some will say ‘Well why doesn’t the Council provide us with bins?’  The answer to that is that if they walk a few yards further there are bins in the park – which more responsible dog owners use.  There is no excuse for this; a tiny minority are too lazy to walk a few yards to the bins already there or take the stuff home with them and dispose of it properly.  Why should responsible dog owners be viewed in the same light as these people and why should the Allotment Holders or young mums and their children have to put up with it?’ 


Just one of dozens left by an irresponsible dog owner to dangle from the fence.




There must be a hundred or so similar examples throughout the lane.


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  1. Adrian Jones says:

    Good work done on the hedge John.

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