People to be consulted on whether they wish to be ‘hanged, shot, or guillotined’

 26th July 2010  

Have Wirral’s giddy ‘ConDems’ been studying the Conquistadores?  When they sentenced the Emperor of Mexico to death, the Spaniards gave him the choice of being burnt or strangled.  Not surprisingly he chose the latter; they said ‘It was his own choice’  

Steve says: 'Is this ConDem decision putting the 'Con' into consultation?


 Following the ConDems’ announcement to the press of a large scale ‘consultation’ exercise, Leader of the Wirral Labour Group, Cllr Steve Foulkes, said: 

 “The local Conservative and Liberal Democrat Alliance are asking the people of Wirral, in a massive tax payer funded consultation exercise, whether they wish to be hanged, shot or guillotined. 

 They say they will be consulting on budgetary priorities.  But no amount of ‘consultation’ is going to alter the fact that the Council’s grant is going to be slashed by a massive thirty to forty percent over the next two to three years with horrendous consequences for Council Services and for the local economy,  

 The reality is that, until November 25th, far from holding a meaningful consultation which will lead to better services, they will actually be debating in great detail the various ways in which the public can be the agents of their own destruction. They will be consulted in great detail on whether they wish to be hanged, shot or guillotined and, when the final method of execution is finally decided on, this administration will defend the inevitable death because, they will claim, it was the public who chose the method of their own destruction.   

  • If they really believed in consultation, why did they choose to consult schools in the school holidays about key changes in the way the Council offered them services?
  • If they really believed in consultation, why did they fail to consult Wirral’s residents about what was going to happen to their parks and gardens? Or Wirral’s staff who work in the Parks and Gardens about their ideas of what could be done to improve services and save money?
  • If they really believed in consultation, why didn’t they consult over their decision to slash £1.6 from funds aimed at reducing unemployment and improving job opportunities for all of Wirral’s residents? Or the real consequences of slashing over £1.4m from Schools and Childrens Services?
  • If they really believed in consultation, why did they bypass all the normal democratic processes and release the timetable for their grant consultation in a press release instead of a report to Cabinet where it could be properly scrutinised?

 If this propaganda exercise means that there will be no priorities decided until November 25th, and those priorities will then have to be translated into budgetary cuts amounting to £24million or more, which then have to be in place by December 31st to meet statutory redundancy deadlines, then this is a very high risk strategy indeed.  

 The real consequences of this exercise could put hundreds of jobs at risk quite needlessly as deadlines are missed and cuts have to become ever more savage in order to deliver a legal budget on time.  

 People of Wirral should beware. This may be the exercise that puts the ‘Con’ into Consultation.”  

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