Wirral’s ConDem Collaboration backtracks on free swimming

22nd August 2010    


Liscard Labour Cllr Darren Dodd: “Today’s announcement that swimming will remain free for children and pensioners is fantastic news and will be welcomed by the thousands of people who regularly take advantage of the scheme."

 Wirral’s Tory led Council (propped up with the collaboration of the Liberals who have now cuddled up to the Tories after losing five Wirral Council seats tothem in May’s elections) now seems set to retreat ignominiously in the face of the peninsula-wide campaign, led by Liscard’s newest Councillor – Labour’s Darren Dodd.     

Previously the ‘ConDem’ Wirral Cabinet agreed only to keep Labour’s free swimming scheme until September, after which it looked as though pensioners and children would only be able to swim if they stumped up.  We cannot be sure until the Cabinet meeting on 26th August, but it now looks as though the Council will be forced to back down, blushing with shame,  following Darren’s highly successful campaign, including his on-line petition.

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