Dog ‘poo’ imprisoned?

24th March 2011

We are  not convinced that this is exactly something in which the Wirral public will want to be ‘All in this together’ to quote the ConDem Council’s oft quoted mantra.

Mrs Di Ledder, for many years a champion of Central Park, with its 'Everyone's Cafe' and adjoining Love Lane Allotments, stands with Cllr John Salter next to the original fence (set into the wall) and views the 'trough' left between the new fence and the existing wall.

In a remarkable chain of events an area habitually used by dog walkers to lob bags of their mutts’ excrement (that is to say a tiny minority of them too selfish to dispose of it hygienically) now seems to have been fenced in so that the poo-bags, cast off car tyres, and other debris, are safely ‘behind bars’ but fully within sight and smell of the passing public and the children in the new school.   Let’s hope that with summer on its way the odour will not be too offensive and the flies will not be too numerous.

Cllr John Salter asked months ago for this ‘dog excrement tip’ to be cleared of its fly-infested contents in advance of the completion of the newly rebuilt school.  See:

There are still sections of an original fence built solidly onto the top of the wall and encased in cement.  But instead of the new fence following the good practice of bygone years, and being put on top of the wall to meet the remaining sections of those from the more practical age, they have been planted inside the wall. 

This leaves an exquisitely perfect ‘trough’ between wall and fence – just ideal for the existing poo-tippers to fill it, just as before, when they pass by.   Others, if course, just hang it on the exposed twigs and branches of the recently trimmed hedge! 

Meanwhile this was discussed by residents of the locality at the Central Park users’ meeting, chaired by Di, at which John and Adrian were present.  They are raising it with the Council.

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