Poulton House – the end?

26th March 2011

This must seem a sad day for many of those who have benefited from the care provided by our community through the staff of Seacombe’s much loved Poulton House.

Chris has a sad expression at Poulton House – now standing empty following the privatisation policy of this Tory-led council.

After going over to Oxton earlier today to support our workers there, in their campaign against the Tory-led Council’s savage cuts policy, Chris called by to visit the now silent shell of Poulton House.  Until a few days ago it housed so many of our people in need of care. 

But today its rooms were empty and only two staff remained to look after a once happy and vibrant, now silent, building.  For them there may be no future in the work they have loved with the people for whom they have cared for so long.

Under the Tory ‘mantra’ of privatisation is health care reduced to the status of a ‘commodity’ in the ‘private-profit’ market place? 

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