Rising unemployment – stretching resources & blighting communities.

Lee Rushworth comments on the collapse of jobs

18th N0vember 2011

As Seacombe residents increasingly feel the pressure of the ConDem coalition government’s policies Lee says:

Over a million young people are now unemployed, the highest recorded number since records began in 1992.  Total UK Unemployment has risen to a record 2.62 million. 

Youth and women are emerging as the hardest hit.  Over a million women are unemployed – the highest number since 1988.

Many of the public sector jobs now being cut had traditionally employed women – in the civil service, the NHS, local government,  libraries and schools.

Economists now predict that unemployment will continue to rise at least until the end of 2013.

The Tory-led coalition government must act now. They could slam the brakes on rising unemployment by stopping cutting jobs and by investing in jobs instead.

There are now 2.62 million reasons why this government should invest in jobs.

Since Lee’s comments came in we have also had our attention drawn to some of the effects of hardship on the young. Readers might find this article by Clair Spencer, taken from ‘Labour list’, to be rather interesting: 





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