Can Labour’s ‘Sure Start’ Children’s Centres remain safe under ConDem government’s cuts?

12th December 2011

During the general election campaign Wallasey’s Labour MP,  Angela Eagle, drew attention to the potential threat facing Labour’s Sure Start Centres if the Tories were to be elected.

Here in Seacombe Labour's 'Sure Start' has been a huge success.

That produced howls of protest from local Tories – insisting that Sure Start would be safe under them.  But the national picture has been as Angela predicted – one of growing pressure on councils that are now cash-strapped by government cuts.

While the unions continue to protect low paid workers, under the most hostile government in memory, ‘Unite’ members, and others, look forward to the Union’s North West Conference ‘Save Manchester Sure Start’ on 7th January.

‘Unite’ says it is organising this conference because the Con-Dem Coalition Government will be pushing for even more cuts in  2012. The Conference will provide a forum where Trade Unions, Charities, voluntary sector organisations, students and community-based campaigns can share information and build even stronger opposition to the cuts that so badly damage our public services and communities.

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