Lib-Dem/Tory collaboration in Euro-chaos? Watch this space!

18th ~December 2011

Our attention has been drawn to this news-link to our report of 11th December, 2011.

11th December 2011

In a spectacular collapse of unity (not that its ‘unity’ was ever all that strong) the Tory-led Coalition with the LibDems seems today to be in deep crisis.  Is Cameron now desperate to placate the Right Wing of the Tory Party?  By advocating the interests of the City of London as a key part of his theme he at least appears to be ‘on line’ with the bankers.

Err ….

  • Wasn’t it the millionaire bankers whose activities caused the world economic crash in the first place?
  • Aren’t there rather a lot of millionaires in Cameron’s Tory-led cabinet?
  • Doesn’t the Tory Party get rather a lot of funding from that sort of ‘club’?

And haven’t the bankers and financiers been investing UK industrial profits in the low-wage economies of the far east for decades, ever since the British de-industrialisation and export of formerly UK jobs during the previous Tory governments – with devastating effects on areas like Seacombe where manufaturing industry has suffered so much?

And what are the press saying about it?  Not much unanimity there, nor comfort for the Tory-led coalition – as today’s headlines show.

"Yes Cameron got it right" screams the The Mail on Sunday

"Oh no he didn't - It's a spectacular failure" quotes the (perhaps rather more up-market) 'Independent'.

Meanwhile this page 6 story needs no comment to show how prone some Tory MPs are to shooting their party in its Right foot.

There may well be groans of dismay all over the country from those Tory Party supporters who turn to the ‘Mail’ for a bit of a lift.   This story naming a British Tory MP, and the events related, with a picture of him with David Cameron as well, may not do much to persuade the Germans and French that all is as sweet as it may have seemed when Tory Prime Minister Ted Heath took us into the EEC (or EU as it now is) in 1973.
Anyone who can read on as far as pages 12 and 13 of the ‘Mail on Sunday’ will then find a strident lampoon of LibDem leader Nick Clegg which screams “Humiliation of Nick Clegg” with a photo of the poor chap looking rather sad and the comment “Nick Clegg is facing growing LibDem dissent.”  Not much comfort for the Tories in that, though.  Right next to it is another article ‘Brooding Europhile Clarke to confront Cameron tomorrow”.  It seems that one-time Tory leadership hopeful Ken Clarke is set for “… a potentially explosive meeting with David Cameron tomorrow.”
Oh dear, we always knew the LibDem/Tory marriage could not be a happy one.
But will it end in divorce and a general election?  Probably not;  the Lib Dems could just walk away leaving Labour to try to form a minority administration; or they could ask for a coalition with Labour instead.  But it’s unlikely they would want a general election even if the law (as they helped the Tories to change it) would now precipitate a general election – after all the poor old LibDems would probably be wiped out, and they’d hardly want that!
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