Central Park lights and CCTV


27 th January 2012 – follow up report

Following our earlier report, below, it is now established that vandals had set fire to one of the original columns, melting the cables inside resulting in the supply being lost to all of the lights to the rear of Pendennis Roadand at the side of the lake.

After receiving our e-mail, via Streetscene, one of our engineers visited the park to find the problem and instructed the contractor to carry out remedial works.   COLAS attended  next day to remove the cables from the remains of the old column and carry out a temporary repair underground to restore power to the other lights affected.

The contractor has also been instructed to install a replacement column of the more robust, vandal resistant, type introduced in the recent refurbishment.  The contractors are delayed as delivery times for these far superior replacements can be 9 – 12 weeks but meanwhile the other lights are restored.

24th January 2012 – 0riginal report

Cllr John Salter reports

Our thanks again to Zara Richardson for her constant vigilance.  Zara drew our attention to some problems with Central Park’s lights and CCTV – which have been recently renewed.

This in now being dealt with by Streetscene and will be reported back to the Central Park Partnership.

Thanks also to Streetscene for their immediate acknowledgement of our request to them.

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  1. Zara Richardson says:

    Thanks Iv noticed the lights have been put back on but was wondering why they where off in the first place? Also can we find out why and where the new CCTV had been removed??? Regards Zara xx

  2. Dave Hawkins says:

    Well done John, the lights certainly make a difference to people who finish work late and have to cross the park to get home. This is particularly true of residents living in the area off Liscard Road not served by a bus service in the evening as the 433 finishes shortly after 6:00pm and they have to get the 432 and cross the park. Good to see our Labour Councillors working hard to make a difference despite ConDem government cuts.

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