NHS: We used to ask ‘Can you trust the Tories with the NHS?’ Now we ask ‘Do the Tories agree among themselves?’

8th February 2012

Not many Seacombe residents could afford to pay twice for health care – once through the state insurance deducted from their wages, and then again for private health insurance on top.  So it will come as no surprise that we have heard of nobody in our ward who looks favourably on Tory plans to introduce ever more privatisation to the NHS.

Is it any surprise that Tory Health Secretary Andrew Lansley came under more pressure today as a senior source from inside 10 Downing Street is reported to have accused him of “messing up” the ConDems’ disasterous plans to “reform” our well loved NHS?

Seacombe Cllr Chris Jones is a NHS Ward Manager with strong loyalty to the NHS

Reports say that some Lib Dem peers have come to their senses and are planning to revolt when the Health and Social Care Bill returns to the Lords today.  And what was being reported in the press?  Here are some links:







The British Medical Association,the Royal College of Nursing, and the Royal College of GPs, are publicly campaigning against the Tory proposals.  But is this Tory-led government too arrogant to listen to the health professionals who run the NHS every day, and the ordinary people of this country?  Are they hearing only the rich?

Seacombe has an older than average population, and many families on low incomes – with much shorter life expectancy than in wealthy areas.  For Seacombe residents Labour’s National Health Service is of massive importance.

The Tories fought against Labour’s  creation of the NHS in the first place.  Now, it’s increasingly clear that ‘privatisation’ plans are causing conflict even in the ConDems’ Tory-led government.  So when are we going to hear the Wallasey Tories speaking up for people living around here, to oppose what their government is trying to inflict on the NHS?

It would be nice to hear from them.  We are not holding our breath.


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