School children in New Brighton heritage day

16th February 2012

Rob Gregson applauds the Council for its regeneration over the years, bringing New Brighton back as a first class resort so convenient for local children as well as visitors.

Pupils from Rock Ferry Primary school have dropped in to New Brighton’s new Floral Pavilion to learn about the town’s ongoing regeneration.

The children are studying New Brighton as their topic for the term, using the town to illustrate different areas of work such as eco-tourism and history.  They have been learning how the recent building and renovation work at the Pavilion and on the waterfront has affected the people and animals of the area.  During a tour of the new Pavilion the children learned how the building was designed and constructed, and how local factors impacted on the process. They were also given a behind-the-scenes look at the new theatre space and state of the art conference facilities.

The children enjoy a sea view from the promenade


They also visited The Light cinema, an 8-screen, 1000-seat development to see an ‘edutainment’ feature.  During the screening they took part in an interactive quiz about wildlife.

The £60m mixed use development has been taken forward by Neptune Developments, with the aim of regenerating the town and promoting it as a visit destination.  The children also visited the Lifeboat Station, Fort Perch Rock and the Heritage Centre, where they met people who live, work and grew up in New Brighton. They then asked questions about how the town has changed over the years.

Work undertaken by the classes will be displayed in New Brighton’s Heritage Centre.



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