It is a time of year for goodwill. Does the government know that? There are many in Wirral, and especially in Seacombe, who won’t experience much of it.

3rd December 2017

From the Left – Courtney, Kaitlin & Paul.

How many will recognise these local Seacombe charity activists and supporters? Very much seeing the need for it, at time when government policies leave more and more people in increasing hardship, and seem anything but charitable, Cllr Paul Stuart and two of his daughters joined Liverpool’s famous ‘Santa dash’.
Paul said “There’s something profoundly wrong when one of the richest countries on earth has so many people suffering hunger, poverty, homelessness and lack of hope. Charity will never be the solution – and I think there’s not much of it from this government – but events like this not only do just a little bit to help but also demonstrate that people care enough to do something practical themselves.

A huge turnout – showing that a lot of people care a great deal.

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