In Cameron’s “ConDem” collaboration of Tories and LibDems Wirral babies will live 2.5 fewer years than North Korean babies!

Everybody who wishes to be well informed should take the “Echo”!

46433″> Birkenhead MP Frank Field says in today’s Echo: “These appalling figures are sadly to be expected when taxpayers’ money is skewed to the richest areas at the expense of the poorest.”[/caption]Here in the UK the difference is even more dramatic. Wirral babies can on average expect to live until they are 66 or 67. But in wealthier areas they can expect to make it well into their 90s. Yet Wirral Tories have parroted the vacuous slogan “We’re all in this together”.

Has anybody heard of a single Wallasey Tory councillor or spokesperson calling on their government to treat the North and North West of England more fairly? Do let us know if you have. Meanwhile with residents in large parts of Wallasey Constituency, and other areas of Wirral, amongst the most economically disadvantaged in Northern Europe today’s “Echo” reports on its front page just how bad it is.

Echo – Front page story

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We bankers and hedge fund businesses want you to understand “We’re all in this together.”

“We’re all in this together.”

“No we’re not! Not if your kid’s going to live 20 or 30 years longer than mine!”

“Catwalk” between Town Hall and Seacombe Ferry – great success

Thursday 8th March 201

Our Community Action Team (CAT for short) were out in Seacombe today.

John, at the mobile police station, with just some of the Team who were 'sweeping' the area.

Cllr John Salter is seen here on the “Cat-walk” in the area between Seacombe Ferry and the Town Hall.  “Cat-walks”  involve your Councillors; Streetscene Officers; the Police; Wirral Partnership Homes; the Fire Service; and other agencies.  Student volunteers, from the Vocational College in wheatland Lane, also came along to help clear rubbish from our open spaces.

Many concerns were identified from local people ranging from rubbish in alley ways to matters of rowdy behaviour.   John said:

 “This has been a great success.  Placing the mobile police station was an excellent idea and it has been there for quite a while now.  Local kids have come to know our local bobbies personally and have struck up good relationships as they learned first hand about how to help the police and how the police can help us.  Having the ‘Respect’ bus along with the Anti Social Behaviour Team on board was a great success as well. 

The 'Respect Bus' is parked at the "Leasowe Castle" pub - one of several that have closed in recent years.

We did a ‘sweep’ of the area from Wallasey Town Hall to Seacombe Ferry.  Then we went on to Albermarle Road, and the area around, where we found several cases of fly tipping to the rear of properties.  (The culprits had left enough identity for our team to be able to locate them!   So this will be passed on to our enforcement team.)

The best thing about this exercise was the way the public, young and old, welcomed the presence of the ‘Respect bus’ and the Team.

It was a very worthwile exercise.”


Crackdown and police raids on fake sales

12th July 2011
Cllr John Salter reports
In a massive raid on 17 Wirral shops and off licences, conducted by the Police and the Council’s Trading Standards Officers, hundreds of thousands of pounds were seized as illegal material was found including fake products.  Money laundering was also reported in the press to have been investigated and as many as eight illegal immigrants are said to have been discovered.  John was present for much of the action as it happened.  He commented:
‘While this sort of thing is going on it becomes very difficult for decent, law abiding, traders to work on a level playing field.’
Shortly before the election in May some potentially misleading political propaganda was put about in Seacombe by another political party.  Given that this huge raid has now taken place, involving more than a hundred Police Officers, we draw attention to it here as we wish it to be made absolutely clear that Rana Newsagents is not in any way implicated in this recent activity and remains an excellent example of how proper trading should be done.
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