ConDems to break promise for pensioners bus passes?

16th July 2010

With the rank Tory 'Mail' turning on the Tories they must be in a pickle!

In a remarkable change from its usual gushing support for all things Tory the Daily Wail Mail has just printed an article most unfriendly to David Cameron about Tory bus pass promises.  The front page article reads:

“The move will embarrass David Cameron who dismissed Labour claims that the Tories would slash free bus travel as ‘pure and simple lies’ during the election campaign.”

According to the ‘Mail’ the Tory leader is now having to eat his words as the Tory led ‘ConDem’ government is set to increase retirement ages and also, according to the ‘Mail’ ,The government also faces the accusation that it has gone back on its promise not to tamper with free bus journeys in its coalition agreement.”

So what is the lesson from this?  Cameron hurls the accusation that Labour was lying before the election for predicting exactly what the ‘Mail’ suggests he may himself now be set to implement.  And will he apologise for calling the Labour leader a liar?  Well, that would be a nice gesture wouldn’t it?

Merseyside has for years through its consortium ‘Merseytravel’ provide free passes for over 60s.  Is this to be scrapped by the government? 

And our earlier report exposes what a spin the Wirral ConDem coalition is in, too.  Will they scrap Labour’s free swimming for kids and pensioners, too, and then tell the pensioners they must find bus fares on top?

And what else does the usually Tory supporting ‘Mail’ report on today?  Well, it seems highly interested in whether  Boris, the Tory Mayor of London, is conducting his private life quite as his Sunday School Teacher might have advised.  Well, maybe that takes attention from how well he’s doing in the day job?

Oh dear.  It just gets worse, doesn’t it? 

Labour’s February decision to preserve Guinea Gap is confirmed – amid predicted Tory propaganda claims

Republished 1st July 2010 – our prediction being absolutely dead right!

Yes, just as we predicted on 24th, an increasingly lonely ‘Tory’ Councillor is now peddling a propaganda sheet claiming that the Tories did it! 

You just couldn’t make it up could you?


Cllr Darren Dodd spectacularly captured Liscard Ward in May. He is now campaigning for the whole of Wirral to save LABOUR'S free swimming for Wirral. The Cameron Tory/Liberal 'ConDem' government has announced it intends to scrap free swimming

Our advice is to take the Tory propaganda with a big pinch of salt and sign up immediately to the All Wirral on-line petition organised by dynamic new Liscard Labour Councillor Darren Dodd – to make sure the Tories don’t renege on the Labour decision they have just been forced to endorse.

Just click onto:

Then please pass it on to all of your friends.


ORIGINAL – 24th June 2010

At the time of placing this post the new Con-Dem Cabinet consisting of the Wirral Tory Group and its Liberal crutch is meeting in the Town Hall. 

We predict – and how wonderful it would be to be wrong – that the Wirral public will once more be presented with classical Tory propaganda.  We suspect they will claim that THEY brought Guinea Gap Baths out of the risk of closure and that they did it today. 

But we’re used to Tory propaganda aren’t we?  So here’s what really happened:

At the February Cabinet meeting Labour was still in power with Liberal support.  (The Liberals hadn’t joined the Tories at that point.)  This is what Labour had already decided in February:

“In considering Guinea Gap Baths Cabinet notes that the original decision was to provide for Guinea Gap Baths to remain open while the potential for alternative schemes as part of a longer term waterfront development was explored.  (Note – this was not about closing the baths but keeping them open whilst awaiting the possiblity of new ones!) The impact of the recession on private sector development now makes this a much more distant possibility.  Cabinet therefore asks the Director of Law HR and Asset Management to bring a report to Cabinet which will allow the Cabinet to restore the funding of Guinea Gap to the base budget when the current funding runs out.”

In other words because it now seemed unlikely that a new baths was any longer on the cards Guinea Gap was to continue exactly as before.   All the Tories and Liberals have to do this evening is to confirm the decision Labour made in February – before the Con-Dems entered into their collaboration – and not change it.

What’s the betting they’ll claim they saved it, and they saved it today? 

Watch this space tomorrow.

Labour’s vote up 12% on 2008 while Tories’ share falls

16th January 2011

It can be very interesting to look back at  what has been said a little while ago.  Since the election of 2010 there has been a steady increase in Labour support across Wirral,  Again, in 2011, our support went up with Labour continuing to regain seats.  Although a Tory-led government has been in power with LibDem support, that did not quite reflect what was happening in the Boroughs.  Here in Wirral we have consistently won seats from the other parties and in light of the policies and attitudes of the ConDems in national and local government we are confident that we will continue to do so.  Steve was right a couple of years ago and he is continuing to reassure Council staff, and our electorate, that Wirral will strive to continue the improvements already begun.


16th May 2010 

Wallasey Tories’ disastrously ‘glossy’ and propaganda ridden campaign left them with fewer Councillors in Wallasey despite spending huge amounts of money on shiny pamphlets with all the stamps of junk mail.  Despite the Tories throwing such vast sums of money into their campaign Labour’s vote in Wirral is up by 12%.



Cllr Steve Foulkes, Leader of the Wirral Labour Group and Leader of the Council


Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Steve Foulkes said:

 “Labour had a great election locally, winning the largest share of the popular vote on Wirral with 38% of the vote at 60,232 votes, compared to the Conservative’s 32% of the vote at 52,309 votes. This is a 12% increase in our share of the vote since the last elections in 2008.  We were the only party not to lose any seats and we gained an additional four seats on the Council, so all ways round this was a great result for us and we want to thank the people of Wirral for the confidence they have shown in us.

 However, for the time being, the Conservatives are still the largest party on Wirral, although they do not have a majority.

Despite everything that has happened nationally, I find it really hard to believe that the Liberal Democrats on Wirral could actually support a Conservative administration locally. We appreciate that this is going to be a very difficult time for them and that they are going to have to choose between following the principles they have demonstrated while working in partnership with us, and the new party loyalties imposed on them by national events. These are decent people who will need time to work out where their beliefs and loyalties really lie and we want to give them every opportunity to work this through and come to their own conclusions.”