Who funds the Tories?

There's an old saying: 'He who pays the piper calls the tune'

14th April 2010           

The link below will take you to a newspaper report that describes hot information about Wallasey Tories’  income.         


This is a Labour poster from 1966. The Tories say they have 'changed' - but have they? With 14 millionaires in David Cameron's Tory shadow cabinet whose interests would a Tory Government truly represent? In fact has anything about them truly 'changed' in the past half century?

Since we reported on 3rd March 2010 about the Conservatives enjoying huge sums of money from Lord Ashcroft, it has also been revealed publicly (see weblink above) that Wirral’s local Tories have received circa £50,000 from a well know law firm that also specialises in debt collection.  There is no need for us to elaborate further, here, as these massive donations have been well publicised in the newspapers.  But can anyone feel surprised that Tory income  comes so much from organisations having little in common with the great majority of ordinary hard working people?       

Tory funding propaganda       

Their propaganda ludicrously attempts to present trade unionists’ support for Labour as similar to their own support from big business.  It cleverly tells only a part of the truth, presented in a way that can leave readers to infer something unspoken while the Tories wriggle farcically to shift public attention away from their own enormous money sources.   

At a time when the other political parties represented  bankers, big business, land owners, and stock exchange gamblers, the trade unions helped to create the Labour Party.   And Labour gave a voice to millions of people who previously had no ‘natural’ party to represent them.    Some unions have a political fund and members can contribute to it, if they want to.      

The unions consist almost entirely of working people – people in offices, building sites, factories, schools and universities, doctors and nurses – all those who contribute usefully to society.  We also have many, many, small business owners supporting Labour – our own Labour Councillor John Salter being a classical example.   Working people understand perfectly that THEIR OWN Labour Party, often in the teeth of Tory opposition, gave us the NHS, decent pensions, minimum wage protection, the Health & Safety at Work Act, decent education, Sure Start, the Pensioners’ Winter Fuel Allowance, and most of the benefits that working families have.  Despite any propaganda claims to the contrary,   Seacombe Labour at best benefits only marginally from union support by being included in (some) election leaflets.  But our local ward funds come entirely from our own members and from our fund raising support among the people of Seacombe.         

Contrast our funding sources with where the Tories get their money and it’s a ‘no brainer’ isn’t it?       

Meanwhile, the Conservatives have been putting out some pretty costly literature just lately.  Expensively produced shiney booklets abound (with little meaningful content but lots of glossy pictures) and  often with ludicrous suggestions that they are closely involved in just about everything.                 

It’s easy for the Tory propaganda machine to encourage their candidates to go and stand near good things for a photo and give the impression that they’ve had something to do with them!  But it doesn’t follow that they are in fact anything to do with them at all.  It’s clever psychology – the stuff of soap powder advertising.     Labour doesn’t need to do that sort of thing.  We are in there with the community all the time.   

This is what the Labour Party’s General Secretary Ray Collins said:              

“I know that many of you are campaigning hard against some very well-funded Conservative campaigns. But although we can’t count on the millions of Lord Ashcroft’s money, we can count on the British people. They won’t allow their vote to be bought off by a billionaire from Belize.
Last night, I hope you will have seen on the news that Lord Ashcroft, the man bankrolling David Cameron’s party, has finally been forced out of the shadows.

 For ten years, William Hague, Michael Howard and David Cameron have each concealed the truth about his status. By his own admission, Lord Ashcroft has given millions to the Conservatives and may be the largest single donor of all time. His company, Bearwood Corporate Services, is at the centre of a major investigation by the Electoral Commission.             

I have already written to the Electoral Commission to urge them to conclude this investigation before any election campaign takes place – if they wait until after an election, it may be too late. 

 Next time you see the Conservatives’ glossy leaflets or airbrushed posters, don’t let people forget that these expensive Tory campaigns have come at the cost of a new school or a new hospital wing in your constituency. Because instead of paying tens of millions of pounds in tax on his huge foreign income as Lord Ashcroft had promised to do when he became a peer – money that could have helped thousands of ordinary families in constituencies like yours – Lord Ashcroft chose to spend the money on David Cameron’s campaign instead.

On Sunday, David Cameron said he had changed his party. Yesterday Lord Ashcroft showed how little they’ve changed. They’re just the same old Tories.” 

In 1999, when Conservative leader at the time William Hague first recommended Lord Ashcroft for a Peerage, he was rejected. It was only in 2000, after he promised to return to live in Britain and pay tax here, that the House of Lords allowed him to become a member.     
But it has now been alleged that it was a promise he never kept. His company, Bearwood Corporate Services, is at the centre of the major investigation by the Electoral Commission that Ray Collins refers to above.     
When Seacombe readers see the Tory glossy leaflets being peddled around the ward (until recently by the defector Denis Knowles who crossed to join the Tories but still will not resign for the Seacombe People to decide his future in a by-election) they may wonder why Labour doesn’t throw similarly huge amounts of money at glossy leaflets.   For us the answer is very simple indeed.  We  haven’t that sort of money.      
Labour represents ordinary people who work hard and live here  – not in offshore tax havens.  
  • The Tory party has always represented the interests of bankers and stock exchange gamblers – and those people who for many years have invested the enormous profits made for them by British workers not in modernising British factories, so that they could compete effectively, but in overseas industry in countries where profits are high because wages are low.   There is no patriotism in capital.
  • With fourteen millionaires in his Shadow Cabinet where will Cameron’s loyalties lie? 

We now know how Wallasey Tories pay for their glossy leaflets and booklets – but its a sure thing Seacombe Ward Labour Party has no large benefactors from offshore tax havens or anywhere else.  Nor, in case the Tories indulge in a bit of misleading propaganda, do we have large dollops of trade union money given to Seacombe Ward Labour Party.               

But we believe the words on the  paper we use are far more representative of Seacombe People’s interests than bin loads of glossy Tory propaganda.                



Allandale support at Five Bars Rest

5th April 2010   


Landlord Tommy Jones is seen here ready to welcome supporters of the Allandale Youth Club to an all day fund raiser.



Landlord Tommy Jones paid a great tribute to the Labour Councillors for the work they have done to support the Youth Club over many years – and called on everybody present to make sure Adrian is supported in the May elections.
Just after Tommy and Phil O’Rourke had performed a brilliant duo with a mixture of folk songs and also some powerful ‘Songs of the Labour Movement’ Adrian took the microphone to thank him and his staff on behalf of the Allandale. Adrian said:
‘If only we had more community spirited people like Tommy the Allandale need never feel the pinch again. Wherever there is voluntary work to be done Tommy is likely to be there. When I called into the Wirral Ark Project for the homeless, when I was Mayor,  who did I meet there? Tommy! When our pensioners at the Seacombe Community Centre Lunch Club were stranded in the January blizzard who took them in and gave them tea and coffee for several h0urs until they could be rescued? Tommy! And when I said I had asked some local businesses to put on fund raisers for the Allandale who said ‘Count me in’? Tommy!’
Adrian called for a round of applause – and the roof nearly came off.  So from all of us in Seacombe Labour  ‘Thank you Tommy for what you are doing not just for the Allandale but also for so many other good causes.’




Tommy, left, and Phil take a bow after a great performance

The great thing about Tommy is that most people could never know how much voluntary and charity work he does. He was slightly embarrased to be thanked so warmly – but he greatly deserves the credit that is due to him.


Adrian left, Tommy centre, John on the right.

‘Daily Post’ revelation: Debt Collector “bank-rolls” Wallasey Tories to the tune of £50,000

 26th March 2010         

In a devastating news story the ‘Liverpool Daily Post’ reports that Wallasey Tories have allegedly received £50,000 from a local debt collector.          


Adrian says: "Oily Tory words on glossy paper are less than people are entitled to expect. I think people will understand that distortions even on the prettiest paper are still distortions. We may use local printers and plain paper but our postbag tells us that people like plain words on plain paper. The Tories may slide along on gloss but that's not our way."




Tories have 'lotsa cash' for glossy leaflets


When Seacombe residents see the HUGELY expensive glossy leaflets the Tories have been able to afford for a long time they may have wondered why Seacombe Labour Party does not reply with a constant stream of similar costly glossies.          

 The answer is simple.  We represent the working people who live in Seacombe, Poulton, Somerville and Egremont.  We get most of our funding from the people who live in our ward.  We have taken no money from debt collecters or from big businesses!          

And before the Tory propaganda machine alleges differently, Seacombe Labour Party has not asked for, nor received, a single penny from any trade union.  Every penny we have for leaflets comes from individual members and from our own fund raising evenings. Our (mostly plain black and white) newsletters are either produced ourselves or, mostly, by a local printer.    We may produce a glossy at the end of the campaign – if we can afford it – but we do not share the Tories’ ways of getting funded.      

But we do believe the words on the paper are more important than the glossiness of the paper they are printed on.        

So what is the Trade union link with LABOUR?         

The Tories do their best to give the impression that there are two equal sides in which trade unions are comparable to the big businesses that support their party.  Their subtle propaganda leaves the impression that trade unions are themselves akin to businesses.          

They are not; the unions are organisations set up to defend working conditions for ordinary people and to secure representation for them.  Their link with LABOUR is quite simply that they helped create the Labour Party.        

But Tory propaganda still tries to suggest that trade unions in some way bank-roll Labour in the way millionaire business men bank-roll the Conservative party.  The trade unions established the Labour Party precisely because there was no other party to represent working people.  The Tories and Liberals had always supported and represented the interests of big business and land owners.  Has anything changed?         

When the vast majority of the population had no party to support them, in Parliament or on local Councils,  it was the trade unions, co-operative societies, Christian organisations, and Socialist societies that gradually became the foundation from which the Labour Party was born.    When individual trade union members contribute to their union’s political fund they do so because the Labour Party, that they created, is theirs.          

No trade unionist pays a penny who does not want to – any member can opt out. But as well as trade unionists we have huge numbers of ordinary people who are not in trade unions (eg retired people, small business owners, students, etc)  but join because they want to be a part of the Party that created the National Health Service; the minimum wage; Sure Start; and most of the progressive legislation that still exists.          

Those with memories of the Thatcher and Major Tory governments never want to go back to the dark days of mass unemployment under the Tory Party that opposed all of this.  The very word ‘Conservative’ suggests the politics of fossils ‘to stay the same’.    

They say they want change, but they do not say what the changes would be.  We suspect that turning the clock back to the dreadful conditions under previous Tory Governments is what they would like to ‘conserve’.         And when their leader David Cameron already has fourteen millionaires in his shadow cabinet do the working people of Seacombe have any doubts about whose interests the Tory Party will champion?   

If YOU might wish to join the Labour Party why not get in touch?