Angela opens a Seacombe wildflower garden

26th July 2010

Angela Eagle MP joined the Chief Executive of Wirral Partnership Homes, Brian Simpson, to officially open a new communal wildflower garden in Seacombe. The garden, situated between Percy Road and Hawthorne Grove, replaces an area that was previously open to vandalism and anti social behaviour.

Wirral Partnership Homes worked with residents and the police to make sure the gardens are safe and secure for everyone to use. Work on the Gardens took a year to complete.  They are now open for local residents to use and enjoy.

Angela said “I was pleased to be invited to open the new Wildflower Garden. It gives local residents a fantastic new space to relax and enjoy. I am sure that this will prove very popular over the summer months and I know many people are looking forward to taking advantage of the new brick barbeque. We are all keeping our fingers crossed for more good weather!”

NOTE:  Photographs to be added later!

The Finance Bill – Wallasey’s Labour MP, Angela Eagle, demolishes Tory myths

22nd July 2010

By clicking the link below you will go direct to Angela’s speech. 

Angela demolishes some Tory myths about the bankers' and financiers' collapse. She explains how the Tories are determined to make 'blue collar' and low paid 'white collar' workers pay for it as an excuse to introduce cuts - for ideological reasons that have no bearing on the true situation.

It is well worth reading.

Wallasey Tories switch from scoring ‘own goals’ to taking ‘own scalps’


Darren Dodd took Liscard Ward for Labour. Ex Cllr Leah Fraser had hoped to keep her Council seat and also oust Labour's Angela Eagle from Parliament. Neither was to be.

7th May 2010 

Wallasey Tories’ election tacticians boasted that they were hunting for a particular ‘scalp’ – Adrian’s.  But in light of this election outcome Adrian – scalp intact –  advises them:  ‘I commend you back to your cowboy comics’.       

Despite their relentless propaganda storm, seemingly financed by a millionaire in an offshore tax controversy and by local debt collectors, Wallasey’s Tory politicians have just experienced one of their greatest pastings in living memory.  Statistics are available from the web link below.              


With 62.75% of the votes cast Adrian, right, had a huge majority over the four other candidates. He is seen here with Angela Eagle who was returned to Parliament with another massive majority of more than 8,000 votes. Cllr John Salter is to the left of the picture.

 Taking their defeats with customary ill grace the Tories will, doubtless, now set about blaming everyone but themselves.  But they ignored one of the most basic tenets of democracy – not to insult the voting public with distortions and propaganda.    It is morally wrong – and it backfires. What a pity they cannot learn from the great artist and hymn writer William Blake: 

 “A truth that’s told with bad intent, beats all the lies you can invent.”   
That is the mother and father of propaganda.  An infamous exponent of the technique once proclaimed that if a falsity is repeated often enough it will be believed.  But that only works for a while; those who still have not learned that lesson are punished by the electorate. 
But, for Labour, Wallasey Tories’ propaganda fantasies were God’s gift from heaven – the more they peddled misinformation the more there was for us to expose. 

Amongst their most shameful examples was their misuse of the ‘Allandale’ situation – misrepresenting a kids’ youth club of all things for propaganda – it back-fired on them terribly because we had only to print the truth to ridicule their distortions.     


Angela Eagle congratulates Anne McArdle - elected to Leasowe ward for Labour

Perhaps their greatest single shot in their own foot was the defector’s presentation of himself as somebody who campaigned against the SAR when he in fact called for the closure of Guinea Gap Baths and Seacombe Library declaring it would be ‘For the greater good’.   Their attempt to present him as having done the opposite fooled nobody.  Their adoption of a defector to deliver their general election candidate’s election leaflets into the letter boxes of the loyal Seacombe Labour voters who put him where he is must surely have cost them many, many, votes?     

An amusing incident occurred when Cllr John Salter and Adrian called into one of the polling stations and the chap with a blue rosette looked embarrassed saying ‘I don’t really know why I’m doing this.  They came round to my house and badgered me to help – but I’d already voted for Angela Eagle.’    What possible comment could we make about that one?        

Pat Glasman with her election agent Jenny Smiley, seated, and Angela. Pat won New Brighton Ward for Labour.

Another Tory number taker, who we suspect to be wavering, was left stranded with his number taking pad when Adrian called at about 9.15pm to say it was now all over and the Labour number taker could knock off.  It seems the Tories were so disorganised they hadn’t even given their chap advice about finishing!  Adrian gave him a lift.        

There are great tasks ahead and now the elections, general and local, are over Adrian has a list of people he has promised to represent, if re-elected.       

He gives his thanks to the People of Seacombe, Egremont, Poulton and Somerville for once more returning him – this year with almost 63% of the votes cast and an overwhelming majority over all other candidates combined.  Adrian will continue, scalp intact, unlike so many of those whose Tory election organisers bragged they’d take his but cost them theirs.