Resounding Wallasey victory for Labour’s Angela Eagle

7th May 2010 – 5.00am 

Following yesterday’s general election contest, culminating in the Wallasey Town Hall count at about 4.30 this morning, Labour’s Angela Eagle emerged the victor with an excellent majority exceeding 8,000 votes.   

The vast resources funding the local Tories’ electoral machine, with its never ending glossy publications, could not match Labour’s honest campaigning and relentless exposure of Tory propaganda.   

Never short of a little excess of self confidence the Tories were devastated by the extent of Labour’s victory. 

We will continue the report when the Council election results are also available later today.

Angela’s campaign team stop off for Sunday lunch at the famous ‘Eggy Ferry’. Spot some familiar faces?

25th April 2010

And where's Cllr Salter? Err ... still out leafleting, even though Liverpool were playing.

Angela’s helpers stopped off in Seacombe’s excellent ‘Egremont Ferry Hotel’ for a Sunday lunch after a morning leafleting in Liscard and Seacombe.  Then back out again with a fine team of supporters, including a number of young Seacombe pupils and university students who dread what the Tories would do to education. 

Also among the helpers is a well loved former school teacher, and radio and TV actor, Dean Sullivan. 

Relaxing at Seacombe's famous 'Eggy Ferry' before hitting the campaign trail again.

 The feedback on the doorstep is excellent.

‘Get rid of this awful stench’

091001 - T&L gate signThis Wirral News front page article highlights the misery families in the residential area above Limekiln Lane, in particular, have had to suffer for many years.  In recent times the dreadful smells are reported to be more frequent and worse than in the past.  Adrian and John are working closely with the community, trying to get the responsible authorities to pinpoint the source of the recurring ‘miasma’.  We are constantly told that the source(s) of the ghastly pongs may be from more than one source.  That doesn’t impress residents very much.  Residents are quite clear:  they don’t want to be told where the smells aren’t coming from; they want to know where they are coming from – so that something can be done about it, whatever the source.  We know that some incidents are attirbutable to Tate & Lyle – their local manager was perfectly up front about it, giving assurances that everything is being done to prevent recurrences.  But until there is a comprehensive analysis of all possible sources of the offensive smells residents will not be satisfied.  We fully support them in wanting a comprehensive study to ensure that the sources, wherever they are, are found and dealt with.

Watch this space.  There will be more to report very soon indeed.  The results of our survey are still coming in but the indications are overwhelming in the public call for remedial action to be taken urgently.  We will shortly publish a full analysis of responses.