Seacombe – and beyond.


 24th March 2010 – later in the day.  

Adrian regularly takes his Welsh Collie and English Springer (no bias there!) to Vale Park.       

When New Brighton Labour activist Pat Glasman drew his attention to vandalism of the Victorian Shelter at the bottom of the park, just opposite the war memorial at the       

Pat Glasman. New Brighton Labour activist.

foot of Magazine Lane, he went down to take some photographs.  The damage was pretty awful!        

To add insult to injury the floor of the shelter had been made a lavatory for quite a number of dogs.  What sort of people are they who don’t have the decency to clean up after their pets?  (There is a bin within a few yards.)
Adrian visits the shelter.

Inside the shelter rows of lower tiles have been kicked off the wall and others have been damaged.  It seems that some mindless louts are having ‘lotsa fun’.       Some of the vandalism is seen here.     

But what pleasure did this give even the thickest louts?


The view towards the war memorial and Wallasey Town Hall from the shelter.
24th March 2010 – morning and lunchtime        
John and Adrian attended the Seacombe Partnership meeting this morning, in St Luke’s Church .  Then off to attend to a casework matter. 
After that,  lunch in the Seacombe Community Centre’s excellent luncheon club.  
Arriving at Seacombe Community Centre for the Luncheon Club. So where’s Adrian? Well, somebody had to take the photo.
John is now the Council’s Official representative to the Community Centre.  Irrespective of how another councillor may have regarded the role John intends to provide full and meaningful support to the Management Committee.          
After a good lunch (at a very low price indeed) what better than to relax with a nice cup of tea.
He is presently seeking a progress report following the meeting on 22nd January with Adrian and Council Officers.      

Some more news clips – teenage thugs jailed for train station assault

23rd March 2010

Teens jailed for assault at Wirral train station

Two teenagers aged 17 and 18 have been jailed for six months following an assault at Wirral train station


22nd March 2010

We usually keep to Wirral reports on crime matters but these seem to be of interest as many Wirral residents go to Liverpool for a ‘happy night out’.  The link to drugs raids demonstrates that there is no let-up on the Police determination to fight the pushers, and comes close on the heels of several police successes this side of the water.

Taken from the Liverpool Echo – Saturday, March 20

 Drugs seized from estates

 Thousands of pounds of drugs were seized during three raids on homes in Merseyside.

City centre club ‘rotten to core’

 The full catalogue of violence at a Liverpool nightclub can be revealed as police bid to close it down.

Newslinks to Wirral Police activity

16th December 2009

Wirral police to confiscate youth alcohol

Merseyside Police and Wirral Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team will be hitting the streets over Christmas and confiscating alcohol from young people on the Wirral.


 Tunnels:  200 Vehicles stopped in festive campaign

 More than 200 vehicles have been stopped by Mersey Tunnels Police as part of a clampdown on crime over the Christmas period.


Wirral crack-down on  Motorists using hand held mobile phones

 New Research has revealed that motorists in certain parts of Britain are 12 times more likely to be given speeding fines and points on their licence than in other areas. Merseyside Police is mentioned as being the most vigilant when it comes to cracking down on drivers who use handheld mobile phones.