Crackdown and police raids on fake sales

12th July 2011
Cllr John Salter reports
In a massive raid on 17 Wirral shops and off licences, conducted by the Police and the Council’s Trading Standards Officers, hundreds of thousands of pounds were seized as illegal material was found including fake products.  Money laundering was also reported in the press to have been investigated and as many as eight illegal immigrants are said to have been discovered.  John was present for much of the action as it happened.  He commented:
‘While this sort of thing is going on it becomes very difficult for decent, law abiding, traders to work on a level playing field.’
Shortly before the election in May some potentially misleading political propaganda was put about in Seacombe by another political party.  Given that this huge raid has now taken place, involving more than a hundred Police Officers, we draw attention to it here as we wish it to be made absolutely clear that Rana Newsagents is not in any way implicated in this recent activity and remains an excellent example of how proper trading should be done.
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Some more news clips – teenage thugs jailed for train station assault

23rd March 2010

Teens jailed for assault at Wirral train station

Two teenagers aged 17 and 18 have been jailed for six months following an assault at Wirral train station


22nd March 2010

We usually keep to Wirral reports on crime matters but these seem to be of interest as many Wirral residents go to Liverpool for a ‘happy night out’.  The link to drugs raids demonstrates that there is no let-up on the Police determination to fight the pushers, and comes close on the heels of several police successes this side of the water.

Taken from the Liverpool Echo – Saturday, March 20

 Drugs seized from estates

 Thousands of pounds of drugs were seized during three raids on homes in Merseyside.

City centre club ‘rotten to core’

 The full catalogue of violence at a Liverpool nightclub can be revealed as police bid to close it down.

Wallasey drugs raid on chip shop!

Adrian represents Wirral onMerseyside Police Authority.

4th March 2010

Adrian reports.

A Wallasey fish & chip shop owner seems to have landed the wrong sort of catch.  Read all about it by clicking on the link below.

But while our cops are keeping the streets safe for the rest of us spare a thought for the risks they take every day.  The link below describes how Merseyside cops are the subject to so many attacks that in 2109/10  Police officers missed 534 days of work after assaults against them during the course of duty.