Motorway bridges – more safety news

 4th February 2010

Since John’s report below we are happy to report that Merseytravel has also upgraded the fences at the Sherlock Lane bridge.

John said:

‘Full marks to Merseytravel for listening.  They acted quickly in the circumstances and have done a really good job.  This seems mundane but it is work that can save lives.’

Cllr John Salter

Cllr John Salter

1st February 2010

Following some tragic events, and with great local concern that they could be repeated as well as presenting potential hazards for adventuresome children, John called for increased safety measures for the Seacombe  motorway bridges at Poulton’s Sherlock Lane and at Wheatland Lane.  He secured promises from Merseytravel that it would be done as quickly as possible. 

Merseytravel then began a refit of all the fencing around the approach roads – and the contractor did an excellent job, including attending to particular danger areas that John had identified.   

John is now pressing for all remaining repairs to be completed so that the Council can proceed with necessary re-surfacing work to the walk-way.

John has also thanked Merseyravel for the safety fencing fitted to the Wheatland Lane Bridge.

John at the raised bridge fence he campaigned for, presenting the residents' petition.

John at the raised bridge fence he campaigned for, presenting the residents' petition.

Renewable energy: Tory Councils say ‘No’ to wind power.


Tory leader David Cameron wants to be seen pictured sledging on a glacier, with huskies, to register his ‘concern’ for the environment while the Conservative website proudly announces a Conservative Government would make the development of renewable energy sources a priority. 

 At first impressions it’s superficially a good image isn’t it?  But will Cameron ever live down his bizarre journey to the Houses of Parliament – riding a bike through London traffic to prove conclusively that he’s an environmentalist?  That attempt was ridiculed when his chauffer was spotted driving behind him, in his limo, with all the bits and bobs push-biker Cameron couldn’t do without!   Some environmentalist!  Some bits & bobs! 

But in any case Tory Councils tell a different story.  

 As ‘Greenpeace’ revealed Tory councils block more than three times as many wind farms as they approve.  At this rate of approvals it could take Conservative councils more than 100 years to replace one coal fired power station.


Protecting our environment

percy road001There has been a great clean up operation in Percy Road. Cllr John Salter is seen here with the Team. One delighted resident told John:

"We are really pleased about this clean up operation. There are still one or two blackspots but we all hope this initiative will be encouraging to everybody."

Several other residents commented favourably on the excellent work being done with young people in particular to deal with anti-social behaviour.

The Team removed just about everything they could, including some very small items as well as the obvious things.  Many residents made a point of coming over to say a big ‘thank you’ to the team for their work.

percy road005Meanwhile, a lady walking her dog drew John’s attention to a couple of sources of smelly water, one of which seemed to have an oily substance in it.  (See small photographs.)

percy road006

John reported these to our Environmental Health Officers.

Do let us know if you spot any other sources of possible environmental concerns.