11th August 2010

There have been 0utbreaks of bad behaviour in the past week or so with cases in Poulton Road, Riverside, and Egremont.  John has involved the Police and the Borough’s professional officers in all cases.  Liscard’s highly active new Councillor, Darren Dodd, has also been involved in the cases in Egremont –

John is seen at the mobile Police Station at one of its previous visits.

 which straddles Seacombe and Liscard.  John is seen in the photograph at the mobile Police Station he asked for in the area some time ago.  John will be asking for it to return as soon as possible.

Bogus uniforms?

It was reported at today’s Seacombe Area Group residents’ association meeting that an official Wirral Partnership Homes ‘T’ shirt may have found its way into the wrong hands.    The worry is that if an official item of apparel were to be obtained by anybody with ill motives that person might be able to impersonate an official WPH member of staff.  Vulnerable residents could assume that a visitor to the door, wearing it, was an official employee of WPH and therefore somebody to trust.    

It is being investigated as a WPH representative was present at the meeting.