Newslinks to Wirral Police activity

16th December 2009

Wirral police to confiscate youth alcohol

Merseyside Police and Wirral Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team will be hitting the streets over Christmas and confiscating alcohol from young people on the Wirral.


 Tunnels:  200 Vehicles stopped in festive campaign

 More than 200 vehicles have been stopped by Mersey Tunnels Police as part of a clampdown on crime over the Christmas period.


Wirral crack-down on  Motorists using hand held mobile phones

 New Research has revealed that motorists in certain parts of Britain are 12 times more likely to be given speeding fines and points on their licence than in other areas. Merseyside Police is mentioned as being the most vigilant when it comes to cracking down on drivers who use handheld mobile phones.

New Chief Constable for Merseyside

7th December

The new Chief Constable of Merseyside has today been named as Jon Murphy. He will succeed Bernard Hogan-Howe, who stepped down in October to join HM Inspectorate of Constabularies.

Crime reduction on Wirral

Talking Seacombe down for propaganda – the usual culprits rant again 

Adrian is a Member of the Merseyside Police Authority.  There is also a Conservative and a non-Party Member.  The three work closely together.

Adrian is a Member of the Merseyside Police Authority. There is also a Conservative and a non-Party Member. The three work closely together.

Anti social behaviour, even non-violent, makes life miserable for those affected.  So when we see the growing confidence that local people have to actually phone in and report incidents (including incidents that in the past they would just have put up with) the picture is not all gloom as some seem so keen to portray it.    

Adrian has been criticised (but only by the usual predictable culprits) when he has applauded this increased confidence – unlike those who perhaps see political advantage in talking Seacombe down.   When the increased confidence of our local people, to make a stand against misbehaviour by actually reporting it, is mis-represented in this cheap and vulgar way it speaks volumes about the propagandists who seek advantage in bad news. 

Top performing Wirral police

Crime reduction is spear-headed by our top performing Police Force.  The Force works within an overall crime reduction strategy embracing the Council, Fire Brigade, NHS and a host of other agencies who collaborate to make Wirral a safer place.  The prospect of crime  disappearing is perhaps a dream too far but it is good to see how far the reductions have taken place.

On Merseyside the Police are divided into a number of BCUs –  ‘Basic Command Units’ – each with a Chief Superintendent, known as an Area Commander, in overall control.  To compare their efficiency BCUs are grouped into ‘families’ of similar units from across the country.  Our Wirral BCU is in a family of 15 comparable BCUs.  Its performance remains towards the very top with Wirral coming 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in almost all categories – our lowest being 4th out of 15 in only one case.  A superb position to have achieved.

If we now compare the Wirral Police record over the past year (27th November 2008 to 27th November 2009) these are the results:

  • All crime – down 8% (1032 fewer victims)
  • Violent crime – down 9%    (226 fewer victims) 
  • Assault with less serious injury – down 6%    (63 fewer victims)   
  • Most serious violence – down 15%   (21 fewer victims)
  • Burglaries on dwellings – up 4%    (25 more victims – see note below)
  • Robbery – down  27%  (28 fewer victims)
  • Theft from motor vehicles – down   12%  (87 fewer victims)
  • Serious acquisitive crime – down    9%   (170 fewer victims)
  • Anti social behaviour – down   11%  (1,196 fewer incidents)

In amongst all this good news it is unfortunate to see a small increase in burglaries.  A high proportion of this is attributable to a single ‘prolific’burglar who was lately ‘back in circulation’ after being ‘away’ for some time.  (Fortunately, being highly inept at his chosen crime, he always gets caught).  Thankfully he is for the time being ‘back out of circulation’

Much of this sort of burglary is made easy when doors or windows are accidentally left unlocked – the burglars often being opportunistic and taking their chances when they find them.  (A very high proportion of burglaries occur close to where the burglars actually live!)  But the effect on people who have their homes entered can be traumatic so home security is high on the Police priorities and ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ schemes, together with home security measures, are encouraged.   On the good side this slight increase is based on a year’s comparison.  Taken over a longer period the trend continues to downwards and the installation of so many alleygates has been a significant deterrent.

There’s never room for complacency – but this is a great tribute to our local police and all in the partnership.