Labour’s vote up 12% on 2008 while Tories’ share falls

16th January 2011

It can be very interesting to look back at  what has been said a little while ago.  Since the election of 2010 there has been a steady increase in Labour support across Wirral,  Again, in 2011, our support went up with Labour continuing to regain seats.  Although a Tory-led government has been in power with LibDem support, that did not quite reflect what was happening in the Boroughs.  Here in Wirral we have consistently won seats from the other parties and in light of the policies and attitudes of the ConDems in national and local government we are confident that we will continue to do so.  Steve was right a couple of years ago and he is continuing to reassure Council staff, and our electorate, that Wirral will strive to continue the improvements already begun.


16th May 2010 

Wallasey Tories’ disastrously ‘glossy’ and propaganda ridden campaign left them with fewer Councillors in Wallasey despite spending huge amounts of money on shiny pamphlets with all the stamps of junk mail.  Despite the Tories throwing such vast sums of money into their campaign Labour’s vote in Wirral is up by 12%.



Cllr Steve Foulkes, Leader of the Wirral Labour Group and Leader of the Council


Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Steve Foulkes said:

 “Labour had a great election locally, winning the largest share of the popular vote on Wirral with 38% of the vote at 60,232 votes, compared to the Conservative’s 32% of the vote at 52,309 votes. This is a 12% increase in our share of the vote since the last elections in 2008.  We were the only party not to lose any seats and we gained an additional four seats on the Council, so all ways round this was a great result for us and we want to thank the people of Wirral for the confidence they have shown in us.

 However, for the time being, the Conservatives are still the largest party on Wirral, although they do not have a majority.

Despite everything that has happened nationally, I find it really hard to believe that the Liberal Democrats on Wirral could actually support a Conservative administration locally. We appreciate that this is going to be a very difficult time for them and that they are going to have to choose between following the principles they have demonstrated while working in partnership with us, and the new party loyalties imposed on them by national events. These are decent people who will need time to work out where their beliefs and loyalties really lie and we want to give them every opportunity to work this through and come to their own conclusions.”


Propaganda – the Wallasey Tory way

12th May 2010

Sure Start, like the National Health Service, is a Labour Government creation.       

Its aim is ‘giving children the best possible start in life’.  This is achieved by improving child care and early education with health and family support with emphasis on outreach and community development.    Originally intended to support families from pregnancy until children were four years old it was extended to cover an undefined responsibility up to age fourteen, or sixteen for those with disabilities.           

Let’s hope that the Liberals in the new Lib-Con government will be an influence for moderation and that Sure Start will be shielded from the massive public services cuts anticipated under David Cameron’s Tory leadership.      Time will tell. 

Compassionate Conservatism? Their history tells a very different story. Remember the dark days of the Thatcher and Major governments?

 Local Tories seem to be spitting feathers because Sure Start is Labour’s and it’s so popular.   They bend over backwards in their propaganda to say they like it after all.  But do they?     

“A truth that’s told with bad intent, beats all the lies you can invent.”     

Yes, it's true! The old Egremont 'Sure Start' building closed - but only because Sure Start transferred here. But the Tory propaganda only said it had 'closed'. Didn't they want you to know it had only closed to re-open in more modern surroundings? Tut, tut!


Given their propaganda distortions about the Egremont Sure Start centre (on the right) being closed, without mentioning it was to re-locate to the modern building on the left, would you have faith in them not to ‘propagandize’ about every other aspect of Sure Start as well?    

The Sure Start Centre did not 'close' - it transferred from here to more modern premises. But did the Tories want you to believe that the whole thing had closed?


It seems the Wallasey electorate saw right through the Wallasey Tories’ propaganda last Thursday.  We must now wait and see whether the Cameron government is at all different from its Wallasey propagandists.