Tory Council cuts


All over the country Tory Councils are making severe cuts.  Our ‘News Feeds’ links take you direct to news reports of what is happening, and this is constantly up-dated.  But the question many are asking is ‘What might Tory cuts mean here in the Wirral?’


Unless Wirral Tories publish their exact intentions, should they be able to form an administration, then it is reasonable to assume that they will behave similarly to some other Tory Councils.  On present projections Tory cuts could mean almost one in five Sure Start centres closing.  This could, in the Wirral, mean up to 4 Sure Start centres closing. 

To find the names and locations of local Children’s Centres click on the link below:


Tory cuts to the Home Office budget would be equivalent to 112 fewer police officers in Merseyside police force.


Tory cuts to Labour’s school building programme would put at risk 22 school rebuilding projects, affecting the entire secondary school rebuilding programme in the Wirral.


Small grants awarded to local groups could be almost wiped out. These are examples of the sort of local groups that have received funding from this budget this year. Voluntary groups can continue to apply for funding in future years. However, the Tories’ £100 million cuts this year would threaten the funding of these groups today.

  • Civil Services Pensioners Alliance Wirral
  • Hoylake Choral Society
  • Goyararu Contemporary Arts Centre
  • Sandbrook Community Centre
  • Wirral Festival of Music, Speech & Drama
  • Peninsula Canoe Club
  • Beechwood Falcon Jfc
  • New Ferry Regen Action Group
  • Youth and Elderley Society
  • Bidston Junior Badmington Club
  • Wirral Sapphires Majorettes Troupe
  • Wirral Disability Swimming Development Group
  • Tranmere Action Group
  • Birkenhead Phab Club
  • 3E’s
  • Wirral Pathfinders Self Help Support Group
  • Independent Direct Payment Forum
  • Families Need Fathers