Tall oil


 090901 - JS @ T&LAdrian and John approached our Environmental Health Department today after John was alerted by concerned residents about alleged recent imports of ‘Tall oil’.   

We are presently checking whether this is the case and, if so, which company imported it.   

 On 13th March this year a local company had been cleaning a tank that contained a residue of “Tall Oil” and there were very bad smells.   But the company gave an assurance at that time that the incident was a ‘one 0ff’.

On this occasion we do not yet know who has imported the substance.   Our advice from the Council’s Environmental Health Department is that tall oil is a non-toxic, but very smelly substance. The company previously concerned claimed that it tried to contain the smells, on that occasion, but clearly failed.  Once they realised this, they contacted our Environmental Health Department to explain what had happened.  Although the smell lasted for many hours it finally faded by the end of the day.  But throughout the day many residents reported that they and their children experienced great discomfort.    

The incident was judged by our Environmental Health professionals to have been dealt with through the “best practicable means” to minimise nuisance, as is legally required, and that therefore that incident did not warrant any further action at that time.

We were assured that the company concerned did not plan to put any problematic chemicals back into the cleansed tank.


AJ web mug 3Residents wishing to know more about Tall Oil can follow the link below to a ‘Wikipedia’ article.  More information can be discovered by merely Googling ‘Tall oil’ .    


Meanwhile if any resident has knowledge of the alleged recent imports please send full details to your local Labour Councillors:  

adrianjones.ucu@btinternet.com/ and johnsalter@wirral.gov.uk

Watch this space – we will be following this matter closely.