Wallasey Trading Standards Division demolishes ‘confusion’ that Limekiln Road is targeted by new team investigating under-age alcohol sales.

17th April 2011

Rana and Pam are smiling with delight, outside their shop, having received an official letter from the Council confirming that Limekiln Lane, where theirs is the ONLY shop, is NOT a target! Labour candidate Chris Jones is also in the picture.

A few weeks ago Wallasey Tories, on behalf of Denis Knowles, put a map of the area in one of their electioneering leaflets, in which they published:
” LIMEKILN  LANE a new team to tackle problems caused by under-age sale of alcohol will start work soon.”
There is only one outlet for alcohol in Limekiln Lane.  It belongs to a Sikh couple, Rana and Pam Singh, seen in the photograph outside their very popular local shop.
That was the Tory election propaganda.  What are the facts?
Fact no. 1.    “NO DECISION HAS BEEN MADE TO TARGET LIMEKILN LANE.” These exact words were confirmed in a letter to Mr Singh, who everybody knows as Rana, by the Council’s Trading Standards Manager after Rana made a request under the Freedom of Information Act.
Fact no. 2.  THE TRADING STANDARDS MANAGER confirmed that any test purchasing exercise is based on information received by them, by the Council’s Licensing Team, or by the Police.
Fact no . 3.  MR SINGH WAS ‘THANKED‘ AND ‘CONGRATULATED‘ BY THE POLICE for his strict refusal to serve under-age ‘would be purchasers’ during their ‘tests’.
As the Conservatives have bragged that 11,000 people received their propaganda leaflet we are curious to know what they intend to do about it.
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Limekiln Lane:Police thank and congratulate its ONLY off licence

25th March 2011

About a week ago the Conservatives (also known as ‘Tories’) put out a leaflet.  They say  it goes to 11,000 people in the Seacombe & Poulton areas of Wallasey, so that presumably means the whole of Seacombe ward.  It had this entry:

“LIMEKILN LANE a new team to tackle problems caused by under-age sale of alcohol will start work soon.”

I'm 18 but Rana's wouldn't serve me because I don't look 21!!! I had to come back with ID.

We understand from Rana Newsagents – the only shop in Limekiln Lane that sells alcohol – that since the Tories’ leaflet was distributed they have had many customers asking why they are doing such a thing, which they robustly deny.  They told us it is hurtful to be approached by long standing customers who ask such questions, and it is bad for business if customers believe it is the case.

If the Conservatives’ (Tories’) form of words is leaving people with this impression, but means something quite different from what many readers apparently take it to mean, then wouldn’t it be rather nice of the Tories if they were to publish an explanation to the 11,000 people they say receive it?

The Police take the law on under-age alcohol sales seriously.  They send under age ‘would be’ purchasers into off licenses and any outlets where alcohol is sold in ‘Test’ operations.

The last ‘Test’ operation resulted in the Police writing to ‘Rana Newsagents’ and we quote from their letter:

“As a part of this operation we have recently attended at your premises and attempted a test purchase.  I am pleased to advise you that your staff requested proof of age and refused the sale.  Your staff are to be thanked and congratulated on their vigilance as such test purchases often prove successful in other premises.”

We then contacted the Police to discover whether there has been any issue concerning the shop since the date of that last ‘Test’ operation.

A 25 year old told us Rana's didn't believe he was over 18 'cos I look a bit youngish' so he had to go home for his passport!

Following our enquiry to the Police we are delighted to state categorically that ‘Rana Newsagents’ shop is not a target in this operation.  We can also report that they have passed all test purchases and that the Police consider the licensee to be a responsible person with whom they have a good relationship.

We hope this explanation will dispel any cloud that local people might (however mistakenly) feel was hanging over this small business; it has had nothing but praise from the Police for its staff’s vigilance in refusing alcohol sales where there is any doubt.

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Blue-grey Cameron’s economic cuts would pay for the bankers’ collapse out of the pockets of working families – those who still had jobs at all

1st May 2010

Recent television beauty debates have seen the slick Cameron and Clegg as prettier than Gordon Brown.  But beauty is skin deep.

Their policies are ugly.

In a depressing future Cameron would pay for the bankers' collapse out of the pockets of the poor while giving huge tax cuts to millionaires. Conservatism hasn't changed.

If there is one thing that has been clear from the Tories’ failure to race ahead, it is the deep public resistance to the idea of a Tory government.

People remember what happened last time and this is an unchanged Tory Party.

Remember the repossessions; the daily newspaper counts of the bankruptcies of small businesses;  the dreadful state of our public services; decaying hospitals; decaying schools; the British coal industry closed down; British ship building closed down; British steel making closed down with its remnant now owned in India; North Sea oil privatised; Water and electricity sold to overseas owners; British car making collapsed; the British tool making industry collapsed; railways disastrously privatised;

and millions unemployed while our jobs were wasted through the export of capital to low wage economies in the third world.

The Tories have not changed one jot.

  • In 1997, we promised to save the NHS. And we have. But it is under threat again.
  • We promised to rebuild our schools and drive up standards. We have. But those gains are under threat.
  • We promised to get crime down. We have. But the Tory cuts will harm every part of our public services.

Cameron and Clegg may do the spin better. But they don’t have substance.

The Tories have hateful values and bad policies. The Lib Dems have (some of) the right values – but their policies are either unaffordable, unfathomable or just plain daft. Together or alone, they are a risk to our future.

Mr Cameron’s Tories may be seen as ‘change,’ – what a vacuous term!  Economic disaster is indeed a ‘change’ – but hardly for the better.    This election is about policies; it should not be a beauty parade.  Cameron may be silky smooth but he is widely seen as remote, and out of touch from most people’s lives. People think he is fighting for the rich and the privileged, not the majority of decent hard-working families.  How many millionaires are in his shadow cabinet at the latest count?  Is it still only fourteen?

Whose interests would they represent?  If the Tories were to form a government the whole country would awaken soon enough to the devastation that would follow.