Tizzy Tories’ in news tiff


Are we witnessing a deepening Wirral east/west ‘Blues-news’ tiff?

The Council’s attendance at Expo 2010 in Shanghai seems to be causing differences between the different ‘Tory Tendencies’ on Wirral.  It has the ‘broad’ support of Wirral Blue leader Jeff Green, according to this week’s Wirral News, but he doesn’t seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet as Wallasey’s Top-Tory, Cllr Blakeley. For more information about their differences log onto  Wirral News website

Cllr Blakeley argues that the cost of sending the Council’s officers to bring in overseas investment should fall to a private construction/investment company; but his ‘all Wirral’ Tory Group Leader Cllr Jeff Green is reported to be broadly in support of the Borough acting directly to drum up the much needed investment; investment that could transform the area, bringing in thousands of jobs.  

Whoever leads the Wirral Tory Group next year let’s hope it’s somebody who can manage a smile, but they seem a bit short in supply just now. If they can’t manage a smile, could they manage a municipal administration?

New Tory grammarian?

Ever since we pointed to some utter Tory confusion (Click on Tory confusion in our Tag Cloud.) it seems that Cllr Blakeley has been looking feverishly for something to come back on.  Perhaps it is in pursuance of bruised pride that he has lately set himself up as a grammarian, thus to condemn a word from a Labour website article on the grounds that (he thought) it was a spelling mistake! 

A sensible reaction is that the subject matter under consideration is rather more important than typos or spelling mistakes as long as the meaning is clear.   But should Cllr Blakeley control his hair-trigger a little more? 

His professed concern was that the writer of the phrase in question used ‘aweful’ instead of ‘awful’.  Had Cllr Blakeley checked a little further than his computer’s ‘Atlantic spellcheck’, he might have discovered that both spellings occur in the ‘Universal English Dictionary’ and in the eight volume ‘English Encylopaedic Dictionary’. 

But until Cllr Blakeley learns how to correctly formulate his very own address should he in any case set himself up as the custodian of correct English for others?    We wonder how long it is since he took a peek at his clumsily erroneous construction of ‘Seaview’ Road in his very own publications.  But if he really wants to indulge his fanciful notion of establishing himself as a teacher of grammar, he need search no further than the published words of his newest Tory Group chum.  There’s often some spelling or syntax there that could be a teacher’s case-study for eleven-year olds.  (We hasten to add that but for Cllr Blakeley’s ‘yah boo’ outburst we would not have drawn attention to it.)

However, we are sure our regular readers will want no more of this sort of thing.  We were willing to be drawn into it only because it demonstrates such a juvenile Tory pre-occupation with trivia; it is perhaps rivalled only by their fetish for misrepresentation.  (See ‘Quaint quotes’ below and inTag Cloud.)