Liscard Hall disaster – more Tory spin

As though her condemnatory comments in the Liverpool Post earlier this week weren’t enough a (local Liscard) Tory councillor has repeated her criticism in this week’s Wallasey News.  But wasn’t Liscard Hall – a magnificent Grade 2 listed building situated in Seacombe’s Central Park until it was torched and demolished – lost on Tory Leah Fraser’s watch? Yet when Liscard resident …

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Sherlock Lane Bridge

Cllr John Salter is chasing up the promise of a closed passage-wayacross the motorway.  This is not merely for the convenience of pedestrians; it will also have the benefit of preventing yobs from throwing bricks and other missiles onto the traffic below.  There have also been suicides from bridges, which is another good reason to …

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Seacombe School redundancies

Changes to the Breakfast and After School Club at Seacombe’s St Joseph’s School are, it seems, imminent.    According to a public declaration by ex Labour Councillor Denis Knowles (who defected to the Tories on 13th July, shortly after signing Labour’s loyalty pledge)  alternative arrangements will in future be provided more cheaply by outside sources.         A former painter in the building trade, Knowles claims …

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