Christmas Pudding Race – Cllr Pat Glasman reports

2nd January 2012

The traditional Christmas pudding race on Boxing Day on New Brighton’s Marine Lake was postponed this year due to high winds and took place on 2nd January.   Some adventurous people set out on the lake also in ‘breezy’ conditions – including yours truly – and had fun.

Unfortunately there were one or two capsizes but no-one came to any harm and fun was had by all.

The Seaside Events Group has adopted a Constitution and changed its name – from now on we will be ‘New Brighton Waves’. More news on this in following posts.

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  1. Hi there its nice to see the New Brighton labour coucillorors getting a blog. I am very disappointed in the council decision to delay the reopening of the tidal pools. I hope it will be resolved by the coming summer season. I recall them as a kid because they were free and we were short of money they were the highlight of our visits to the Magic of New Brighton. I note that councillor Glasman is doing her best to assist in resolving the matter, good for her. Keep up the good work. Carl Leckey

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