LibDems failed attempt to “amend” Seacombe Labour Councillors’ motion calling for Tory “Universal Credit” to be condemned and scrapped.

Our previous web-post (October 5th 2017) set out our case against Universal Credit. How sad – but unsurprising – that there was a (failed) attempt this evening to amend our condemnation of that cruel attack on the poorest and most vulnerable.

The Tories’ “Universal Credit” scheme was condemned by Council on a motion moved by Cllr Chris Jones (centre) and Paul Stuart (right).
UNIVERSAL CREDIT – Proposed by Councillor Chris Jones Seconded by Councillor Paul Stuart

Par.1 “Council condemns the government’s misnamed “Universal Credit” scheme as an extension of past Tory/LibDem and current Tory policies crafted to shift to the poorest and most vulnerable in our society the burden of the bank-driven world debt crisis of 2008”.

A LibDem (attempted) amendment sought to delete this crucial, scene setting, first paragraph. Why?

Could it be because they saw that Seacombe Labour Councillors condemned a policy they, LibDems, cannot (with consistency) condemn?

Would it have reminded them, and the voting public of their Parliamentary Party’s collaboration in the Tory/LibDem government that shifted the cost of the bank-driven world deb- crash of 2008 onto the shoulders of the poorest, neediest, and most vulnerable people of our society – and notably so here in Wirral?

In a further amendment, they seemed to illustrate that they perhaps hadn’t quite understood the paragraph they sought to amend. Here they proposed “… a pause to the roll out …” of policies that Seacombe Labour called on the government not to pause, but to abandon.

Their amendment was so formulated that it appeared to transmogrify Seacombe Labour’s motion such that it would ask the government to both “pause the roll-out” of UC and also abandon it – at the same time!

Oh dear, if UC were to be paused it could not simultaneously be abandoned, and if abandoned it would not be paused! What a pity there was no debate – they might have been asked to explain the apparent contradiction. However, at 9:15 the “guillotine” fell, to close debate and perhaps save some difficult explanation and blushes.

Regrettably, Cllrs Chris Jones & Paul Stuart (our mover and seconder) then had no opportunity to enlarge on the enormous potential hardship, for countless numbers of local individuals and families, that the government’s misnamed “Universal Credit” would have – notably to be hit first in the Christmas period!

Although not debated, as time had run out, the motion was nevertheless voted on and carried overwhelmingly. Chris and Paul insisted on a “Card vote” – meaning that each individual councillor’s personal vote would be recorded. Needless to say, one or two Tories made half-hearted attempts to justify what we regard to be a punishingly cruel attack on the most vulnerable people in our Wirral communities. They parroted the worn out mantras of their national propaganda – as though they were persuaded by it. How could anybody be?

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