New devastation for Wirral from Tory-led government

A Further £8 Million could be slashed from Wirral Council’s Budget

Today George Osborne announced that the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has agreed with the Treasury a further 10% of cuts in the Comprehensive Spending Review, held today.

The most recent financial calculations from the council suggest this could cost the council anywhere between £4-8million. In response to this news Cllr Phil Davies, leader of the Labour Group on Wirral, stated:

Cllr Phil Davies

“Wirral cannot continue to pay the price of this Government’s continuing failure. The Tory economic plan has failed. Austerity has choked off a recovery and the Tory-Lib Dem Coalition has failed to deliver any form of sustained growth to boroughs like Wirral, so now they come back for more.

Already we have seen £109million cut from a budget of only £300million, I am deeply concerned that a further £4-8million, slashed from Wirral’s already greatly reduced budget, will significantly impact on front-line services. I call on Councillors of all parties and the four Wirral MP’s to join with me in fighting for a fairer deal for Wirral and to help safeguard the services our residents hold dear.”


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