St John’s Church development falls through following bankers’ difficulties.

23rd December 2010      

St John's Church, photographed a few days ago. Let's hope it will not go the way of Liscard Hall

Seacombe’s magnificent St John’s Church, which for many years has been standing empty in the ward’s Central Park, seems according to a Church report revealed in this week’s Wallasy News to have fallen foul of  financial difficulties in the wake of the bankers’ crisis.  A spokesman for the C of E is reported in the ‘News’ to have commented:       

“This church building was sold for residential use with planning permission and listed building consent for the use.  However, as an effect of the recession and the banking crises in particular the developer involved had the rug pulled from beneath him and this has not proceeded.”        

When nearby Liscard Hall, which also stood within the Park’s boundaries in Seacombe, was destroyed by arsonists a Tory Councillor fired off a litany of questions about why the LibDem Cabinet Member at the time (who is now the Deputy Leader of the Tory-led Council) had not done more to militate against such a disaster.   To some of us that seemed perhaps a little ironic as that very councillor chaired the committee responsible for council owned buildings.  For full details of the ‘Wallasey News’ report, you can log onto the following weblink:      

Adrian at Liscard Hall before its destruction

Let’s hope that, even at a time when the Tory-led Council is reducing its own work force in the parks, lessons will have been learnt and care will be taken to liaise effectively with the agencies that can best protect St John’s from the sort of vandalism that led to the destruction of Liscard Hall.      

This sad scene was photographed by Cllr John Salter following the arson attack

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  1. I am extremely concerned about the condition of these buildings and what could happen if neglected further. My dream would be that these buildings were converted into a community resource. I helped put on a play about apartheid in the main buildings sometime in the mid 80’s. It was a perfect venue. It would be a brilliant art center and I have been looking for premises for a sound and video studio which I currently keep in my own home – it is growing and I need space. The buildings a large enough to have lots of different arts activities from craft, pottery, painting amongst other activities. I believe that the current owner would like to convert into residential property which I think would be a real shame as there would be irreversible building works necessary for this whereas the large space is perfect for performances (plays etc). If the community could get together and form a collective trust to buy this building it would ensure it does not go further in to ill repair.

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